Saturday, May 22, 2010

Some Sad News....

@dominogrl informed a few days back on twitter of some sad news concerning Remy. It appears that his mother Lana has passed away, after succumbing to cancer. I'm very sorry and it saddens me to hear this. My thoughts and prayers are with Remy and his family during this difficult time. I hope yours are as well.


  1. :( Poor Remy...RIP Miss Lana. <3

  2. I have been waiting for years upon years- seemingly- without end, and now here it is 8years after the fact here is my realization that yet another has to go without...,... THEIR BELOVED... It is beyond tragic, hurtful, at times, feelings of diminished hope, and OF COURSE NEEDLESSLY SENSELESS.!.!.
    Without a doubt, cancer is a true blood-sucking and debilitating wretch of a ***, for all of whom is impacted by it, *****!!! For those that are diagnosed and those that loves& feels those diagnosed, ALL ARE PLEADING FOR LIFE& POSITIVE RESOLVE!!!
    I am now a survivor and cried myself to sleep countless times to not be taken away from My Mum, Offspring, etc... to awaken with swollen shut eyes whilst knowing, "I'm up, damn it!!! I'm up"!!!
    My mind, body, soul, my entire being- SINCERELY PRAYS FOR REMY'S PEACE!!!
    All too well, I know what it feels like🙏✌🙏 COUNTLESS BLESSINGS, COMFORT, AND MUSIC TO SOOTH YOUR PAINS, MY DEAR CANADIAN BROTHER.!.!. Selah... Take your time.!. Not how much THEY say that you need, but what YOU, YOURSELF NEED.!.

    Sending My Love,
    C.Alicia Maison