Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Day In The Shade....

No, I don't have the song. I've tried for years to get a hold of this, it was download protected. Every version I had, started off fine for about 30 seconds and then started playing backwards. Looking back now I wish I had kept the backwards version, because I can't even find that online now. When the song was released it was for Canadian residents only (I have no idea why) through some website called Maple Music I believe. It was really frustrating to know that a Remy track was waiting there for me and I couldn't get my hands on it. The website went so far as to verify that you lived in a Canadian zipcode.

The last thing I'd like to say about "A Day in The Shade" is that this was NOT the title of the second album. It wasn't even the single, it was a promotional song(think street/promo single) from the album to hold us over till it came out.

If you're wondering what it sounded like, Remy meets The Isley Brothers.


  1. OH! That would have been orgasmic. :( He's already an auditory orgasm as it is...but THAT...that's like concentrated soul!

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  3. i actually HAD the song...the whole backwards business at all. i live in MA and i bought it from the Canadian website in like in 2004. then my hard drive crashed and i lost it a few months ago. i put it on several mix cds in 2006 that i subsequently gave away upon obtaining an ipod (when i realized that i couldnt upload the song due to its copyright protection i was very disappointed.) anyway...ive been singing it for days and im about to start dropping emails to my friends that i gave the CDs to. my email is if you have/want any info let me know

  4. Here's "A Day In The Shade" from youtube....


    free download
    3:11 missing parts
    3:31 choked version ;)